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GVCW has started as Visa Provider to operate in S. Africa, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the U.K., China, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. From January 2023 GVCW oeprates in 18 countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Philippines and Vietnam. Our aim is to provide a high-quality service and make sure that all applicants are served with the highest degree of professionalism, whereas their sensitive biometric data are treated with the highest degree of security.

In this regard, your opinion and feedback matter to us a lot; sending us your opinion as to how you have been treated and how our service has satisfied you will help us improve our services.

GVCW would be grateful if you shared and expressed your view on the quality of services offered during your visit to the Visa Application Center for Greece for your Schengen visa application procedure, or any particular employee at the VAC. Please, leave your comments, complaints and/or suggestions as to our service. You may contact us with any questions by e-mail

Kindly note that general enquiries should not be sent to this feedback email address.